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Updated in May, 2022 by Alex

Dear [Forex Trader and Investor],

Looking for the best way to Invest in forex or recover your losses?. The XAUUSD INVESTING ROBOT will make profits for you on Auto.

Think About 100% ROI In Matter of Months.

Why XAUUSD? - The Best Currency Pair

Gold is one of the best out of all forex trading pairs, you know why? It generally performs well during global crises.

Gold generally benefits at the expense of other assets during turbulent times.

Gold is one of the most traded commodities in the forex market due to its pronounced role in both worlds of investment and consumer.

Its just like you are trading gold in real life. Most gold traders end in profits.

By Choosing to trade and invest in XAUUSD, then we have been able to streamline our trading so as to move closer to more accurate trading decisions as we are familiar to the pattern and movement of this currency pair.


XAUUSD Investing Bot is an Expert Advisor designed specifically for TRADING GOLD.

The operation is based on trend and price volatility, thus the EA works according to the "Trend Follow" strategy, which means following the trend and trading trend reversal.

This Gold Trading Robot works during a certain time which is when market is TRENDING. 

When the market is trending, the XAUUSD Expert Advisor analyzes the situation and considers the direction and strength of the XAUUSD, whether the trade volumes had changed (in percentage), and other necessary points before it places a trade.

This Gold Trading Robot is Designed To Trade Automatically While You Sit Back and Watch. Withdraw Profits Anytime

Fully Automated

Set it up and continue with your normal life. Its Programmed to do the trading for you. Your Job is to withdraw profits.

Over 20% ROI/month

Yeah, you should expect over 25% ROI every month. I created this robot after I received messages from traders that prefer fast profits.

Beginner Friendly

Completely new to forex? You get a video on how to install and also a one-on-one zoom meeting if you want more explanations.

#20-90% ROI in 1 Months

XAUUSD Investing Robot - Think of Fast Profits

The Xauusd investing robot explained in detail.

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#Money Doubler - XAUUSD Expert Advisor

Conservative Settings Generates 22.67% ROI a Month - See Video Below

Check A More Aggressive Settings? Watch Video

20 - 90% ROI With The XAUUSD Expert Advisor - Is That Even Real?

This is clearly a deviation from my school of thought and philosophy because I normally do not create robots that promises heavy ROI a month, but it is rightly so.

I created this gold trading robot due to popular request from my readers for a tool that makes money fast.

I am aware that not many traders are satisfied with my approach of slow returns and I honestly do understand your plight.

Why not create something that profits very fast too? Like a Tit for Tat Situation.

Therefore, this tool for traders and investors that wants something that earns pretty fast and trade aggressively.

After running several tests with optimal settings that comes with this robot; then you can surely expect 25% ROI with this robot.

Trade gold like a pro.

See The Results on Some Accounts Below(Login to Verify Results)

Login to this accounts to view robot performance

Live Account ($9600 Initial Capital)
MetaTrader login
: 271576845

Investor MetaTrader Password: 
MetaTrader server
: FBS-Real-7
Current Profit: Over $6000 Already
Demo Account ($10,000 Initial Capital)
MetaTrader Login: 14609750
Investor Password: vgtz7es   
Metatrader Sever: Alpari-Demo
Current Profit: Over $9 846.62
Demo Account: ($50,000 Initial Capital)
MetaTrader Login: 15033560
 Investor Password: e0nkvar       
Metatrader Sever: Alpari-Demo
Current Profit: Over $15,000 Already

FAQ - xauusd expert advisor

What is the Main Strategy Used - XAUUSD Expert Advisor?.

Trades with trend and price volatility

Can it Work on Other Currency Pairs?.

This robot is designed specifically to trade Gold - XAUUSD.  

What is The Minimum Amount I should Be Investing?.

5000 USD standard account or 100usd (cent account). As thumb rule of investment, Its good you test this robot on demo or small money before you invest big.

What If I Need Help Setting This Up?.

Yes we can use Teamviewer, Zoom or Anydesk with you. You need not worry, you will be mentored and trained all the way.

This is not something you buy and we stop talking, this is you investing in the right tool, the right community and the right forex trader to guide you because you are buying the Xauusd Investing robot, my time and strategy as well.

What if I Want To Use on Multiple Accounts?

You will pay an additional discount fee for each additional account. Usually 50% discount of initial price.

Refund Policy?

Because  all products I sell are digital products and we cannot stop them at any time once license is sent to you, then buying all of our products means agreeing with all the risks and also the terms that we provide.

All products that we sell are one-time payments for all licenses and cannot be paid in installments except you are joining our membership plan which we are launching soon.

Therefore, there are no refunds of any kind, Please buy our products if you believe in the capabilities of our products, 

We provide proof of performance for all of our products using a real account  because we also do not sell products carelessly without real evidence.
We hope that you understand all of our policies,  if you agree go on and make payment and if not please you can kindly continue loosing money to forex.  

Payment Methods

The following payments methods are accepted on this website Paypal, Credit Card, Perfect Money, Crypto.

Which Trading Platform Is Best For Gold?

Although you can use this robot on any broker, I have recommended a list of brokers that I trust to give you the best results here

What Happens After Payment

After payment, you will be required to send your MT4 Live Accounts(1) and Demo Accounts(1). Then an Ex4 File (Fully Automated Robot) will be sent to you and a user guide(PDF).
You will also be offered a chance to have a one-on-one video chat incase you have questions as regards setup and other forex trading related questions.

Requirements and Recommendations

Here's the good stuff

Robot has been configured for trading Gold Only
Recommended Leverage is 1:500 or Higher
Use Only 5 Digits Account
Works on MT4 and MT5  Accounts
Minimum Capital to Invest is $100 Cent Account or $5000 Standard Account
Free Set-up For Complete Beginners



Here's What You'll Get:

Xauusd Expert Advisor EX4 File or EX5 File.
Xauusd Expert Advisor Setup E-Book!
Recommended Settings.
Free Zoom Meeting (Optional)

$2,999 Value, available for...

Just $1800 Today

About The Creator?

My name is Alex

Trading forex since 2007 and its been a roller coaster experience. 

Moments of Gain and Losses.

As an experienced forex trader, I strive to create fair robots and systems.

Therefore, this system is created with the sole aim of making profits - fast!!

So, enjoy the xauusd investing robot; and kick your brokers ass.

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