"I'll Give You The Robot and Trick I am Using To Profitably Trade Over $1,000,000 For My Clients.
It Delivers Consistently Every Month"

Everything - Special Robot + My Ploy and 1 on 1 Training
Minimum Capital - $5000 and above
No need for previous experience - this is very easy to implement

"This Account Started Trading November 2020 With A Capital of $4,000, 5 Months Running Account At The Time Of Showing This Proof. 3.61% Maximum Drawdown. Total Profit of $9,480. Conservative Risk Settings + Ploy"

a Product by Forex DOminant

For The lovers of Profits and sensible risks

"This Account Started Trading January 2021 With A Capital of $6,000, 3 Months Running Account At The Time Of Showing This Proof. 23.33% Maximum Drawdown. Total Profit of $9,445. Aggressive Risk Settings+Ploy"

a Product by Forex Dominant

For The lovers of Profits and sensible risks

"This Account Started Trading October 2020 With A Capital of $11,400, 5 Months Running Account At The Time Of Showing This Proof. 0.25% Maximum Drawdown. Total Profit of $5,092. Conservative Risk Settings+Ploy"

a Product by Forex Dominant

For The lovers of Profits and sensible risks

Forex Dominant

Profit Forex Robot - Tested, Re-tested and Tested Over and Over Again with 10 Years Trading Data

There is no where to hide, if you wanna know if a forex trading expert advisor or robot is profitable, simply simulate it with existing market conditions and see how it performs. We did and the results were just mind blowing. 

All our customers can testify to this, we don't crash accounts here, we crash brokers till they start asking us to come and trade for them.

The results below are correct and are also correlates with our live trading results.


Lowest Drawdown


Highest Drawdown


Highest Monthly ROI


Lowest Monthly ROI


Fully Automated


Here's What Others Are Saying About The Profit Forex Robot

Our amazing community are loving our robot...here's what they are saying about the  Profit Forex Robot



"You honesty got me. I have wasted several hundred dollars on ridiculous software and investment schemes. Thanks for been honest and prompt with responses. Your profit forex robot is the simplest and most effective that I have ever come across. Thanks man, you the best"



"I wish I met you earlier than this, forex has been mean to me but according to you, I was killing myself by been greedy. I am grateful cos I now see things differently. I am all about the long run right now."

The Story of Every Forex Trader is Filled With Narration of Losses, What about you?!

"I lost $10,000 while using a forex forex robot" - Derin

"I was doing very well while trading demo until I invested $3000 and lost over half in just one trade" - Schurle

"I gave my friend who is a forex trader some $20,000 as investment and he just called me that he lost everything, I don't know what to do". - Abraham

Anyone that has tried forex before would know all the experiences above. What baffles me is that even after loosing lots of money, people still keep following same methods, same mentors and same greed mentality which results in lose upon losses.

It is usually sweet to hear that forex is a trillion dollar market but no one will tell you the bitter truth, which says that you are gonna go broke in few hours if you trade wrongly especially with the wrong mentality.

I mean do not expect huge returns in a twinkle of an eye, forex is not gambling until you put your self in a situation where you have to gamble.

Forex must be approached like a real business. you put in $20,000 and expect 100% ROI in one month, you are gonna be broke soon. That's a fact.

Also, if you are new to forex and you are trying to trade with capital less than $5000, then congrats, you are also going to loose all your money soon or  you are not going to be successful on the long run. 

To be sincere, from my experience in forex, the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer.

Brokers are spending big on advertising their platforms because they are very sure  that you are going to loose your money. If I had the capital, I did be starting my own forex broker soon as its a very good business because you are greedy.

Well, enough of the motivational talks, its time to get back at these brokers. This profit forex robot right here is a game changer and it is the same robot and trick I am using to manage all the accounts of my clients.

It uses the simplest and most sensible strategy that you can ever think of. 

Have you been loosing in forex? you can start winning today, but remember; this is not a gambling session, its a real business for right minded people.

The Forex DOminant

"The Truth is Never Advertised"

Why am I advertising this if it truly works?, well, that's because I need more money.
I have been trading since 2007, that's over 14 years of experience, losses and gains and I know the exact pain that traders go through when they get their hard earned money crashing like I did my Dads $8000 Savings back in 2008.

I Wont Stop Until I See More People Happy

More frankly, I am doing this because I will be proud to see others being successful in what I once failed at. 

I will be glad to see that regular people and traders are using my ideas all over the world.

I will be happy to see traders who have lost a lot of money become profitable traders.

I will be excited to see that your $100,000 becomes $200,000 within 12 months simply because you have the right tool.

My Advice if You Don't Have much capital to Invest in forex.

its a fact that you will loose all your money if you are trading with less than $3000. Forex wasn't originally traded by individuals, it was traded by banks, I mean lots of money.

It takes just few trades to loose $3000, but it can take years before you loose a $1,000,000 account to forex trading.

Therefore, if you are wondering why you have been loosing, one of the reasons is because you are trading 1 cent while your mates are dropping 1 million.

My point is; do not buy this system or, if you are going to buy it, make sure you  are not planning use it on small money.

What if you Wont have time to Monitor Trades?.

While this a fully automated system, don't you think it will be stupid of anyone to give his or her $100,000 to a robot without monitoring by a real human.
You can think I am shooting myself in the leg, but on the contrary, I value honesty.

This robot will handle your trades automatically but I still will not advice a friend to set and forget it, you must be ready to monitor cos you are dealing with real money which is difficult to come by.

if your situation wont give you time to monitor trades or you are simply not comfortable with monitoring trades, I will advice you check my account management service on this website menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This System Completely Automated Yes, all you need is to set it up in your VPS and its going to do the work for you.
What if I need Help in Setting it up Yes we can use Teamviewer, Zoom or Anydesk with you. You need not worry, you will be mentored and trained all the way.

This is not something you buy and we stop talking, this is you investing in the right tool, the right community and the right forex trader to guide you because you are buying the robot and my time and strategy as well.
What's the Recommended Account Size For The profit Robot?  - I honestly do not expect you to buy this robot and then be using it to trade small accounts.
Its not like this robot can't trade small accounts, but generally speaking, when you trade small money in forex, you are more prone to stupid risks.
Therefore, You should be investing minimum $5k, $10k, $50k, $100k, $1m and so on.

If you are going to be trading in excess of $50k, kindly contact me directly, you could be good fit for our account management service.

I would also advice you test on low capital before going big. For example, you could see the performance on your $5,000 first, before going for $20k and so on. This is a very good rule of investment.

I will be honest with you, this works perfect, but as a rule of thumb, test it, understand it and then invest big.
What Happens After Payment - After payment, you will be required to send your MT4 Live Accounts(2) and Demo Accounts(2). Then an Ex4 File will be sent to you and a user guide(PDF).
Also, another Ex4 File will be sent to you which will be the ploy that you will combine with together with the robot.
Which means you are getting 3 files ( 2 Ex4 files and the User guide)
All Fully Automated.
You will also be offered a chance to have a one-on-one video chat incase you have questions as regards setup and other forex trading related questions.
What if I don't have 2 mt4 live accounts for now No problem, just send your 1 live mt4 account number and 1 demo account number. I would still owe you 1 live and 1 demo account license.  
What If I want to Use On Multiple Accounts - Sure, it comes with 2 Live accounts and 2 Demo accounts Licenses.
Maximum Drawdown- an amazing %5 drawdown on using conservative settings and if you go aggressive, the highest drawdown ever recorded is %24.
Expected ROI- I am putting these here for the greedy ones and for the sake of transparency as I cherish my credibility as trust is  scarce nowadays. If I really want you to be successful, then we need to be on the same page.

Therefore, expect from %5 to 40% ROI every month.  I still need to make somethings clear here, please don't buy this with a mindset of %40 ROI Monthly.

There were months where I risked less and still did %40 ROI because the market was quite very nice in those months.

The last time I did 80%, I almost crashed a $300,000 account because it was a very greedy and aggressive approach.

Why don't you have in mind that what you are looking for is %5-10% every month with very low risks?, that means on a minimum, you will be having %50-100% ROI in 10 months.

The market is very nice sometimes and you could do be doing amazing figures of ROI in just 1 month.

What I can guarantee is that:
1. This is the same system I am using to manage accounts for my very happy clients.
2. If you follow all instructions, you will never have a case of crashing your account.
3. You will always end the month on a profit.
4. You will understand the working principle and strategy behind this robot before using it.
5. You could do 40% a month, you could do less, but %5 is the least from experience.
6. These stuff works!!!!

Do You Provide Free trial - Yes,

I will not let you use this robot without explaining the strategy and idea which in itself is a product. (Its so simple that even a beginner can understand it)
Therefore, you will be able to try the robot for 15 days, a trial version and a PDF guide will be sent to you

This works 100%, I don't want time wasters here as well.
Refund Policy -  Because  all products I sell are digital products and we cannot stop them at any time once license is sent to you, then buying all of our products means agreeing with all the risks and also the terms that we provide.

All products that we sell are one-time payments for all licenses and cannot be paid in installments except you are joining our membership plan.(Coming Soon)

Therefore, there are no refunds of any kind, Please buy our products if you believe in the capabilities of our products, We provide proof of performance for all of our products using a real account  because we also do not sell products carelessly without real evidence.
We hope that you understand all of our policies,  if you agree go on and make payment and if not please you can kindly continue loosing money to forex.  

I give you my word,
Although this is forex!!

Alex Oke

I am willing to bet everything I'v ever earned, that for the right person, this is hands down the most valuable investment they'll make. I'm that confident

Fixed and Auto Lot System 

Yes, if you wish to use.

Martingale System

Yes/No, it depends if  you wish to use.


1/500 is recommended if you have less fine. But 1/500 recommended.

Auto Profit & Lot Size Calculation

Yes, auto profit and auto lot size automatically turns on after first trade

Recommended Settings

a recommended settings will be set for you depending on your starting capital and it can be changed later. Note that recommended time frame is 15 or 30 minutes

No effect of High Impact News

No Effect On High Impact News. No need to deactivate EA during news.

Unlimited Profits

Free Updates
Profit Forex Robot +Trick and User guide
One-on-one lifetime video chat support or phone call
Use at Once on all Pairs + Gold
Fully Automated


One Time, 2 Live and 2 Demo Accounts

Everything - Special Robot + My Ploy and 1 on 1 Training
Minimum Capital - $5000 and above
No need for previous experience - this is very easy to implement

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