Protect Your Forex Trading Account!


Are you not scared that an high impact News Event can affect your MT4 Robots and EA and then Jeopardize your trades?!!!

Prevent Your Account From Unsalvageable drawdown and crashes.
This expert advisor is designed to activate and deactivate your forex trading robot at a specific time set by you, maybe before or after a NEWS EVENT.
No need to be scared of a News event affecting your trading accounts. This EA will activate or deactivate your expert advisor depending on the time or date you set.

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These is A Must Have Tool Especially if you will ever Use a Forex Robot on Your Trading Account

There profitable forex robots out there, but they still need to supervised. A good instance is in the case of an high impact news. 

EA, Indicator and Robot Activator

Set the Date/Time (Hour: Minute: Sec) you want to activate all indicators and robots on your chart.

EA, Indicator and Robot Deactivator

Set the Date/Time (Hour: Minute: Sec) you want to deactivate all indicators and robots on your chart.

100% Automatic

Which means you don't need to be physically present on your MT4 to make this Tool do its work.

Set Up to 6 instances at a Time

This means you can set up 3 instances of deactivation and activation all together at a particular moment. this is useful when you are expecting up to 3 news events in one week. One time set up for all those News Events. 


An explanatory setup guide will come with this tool. Also I will be available to help you with setup. 


Works together with all the EA, robots and indicators running on your chat

Money Back Guarantee

30 Days Money Back Period. 
but I am pretty sure you would not need to make a U turn on this sophisticated risk prevention tool


When Will I Get The Software?

Question One

Software will be delivered to your email inbox immediately after successful payment.
Note that sometimes email messages can end up in your  Spam/Junk folder, so make sure you check there as well.
If you won’t receive an email with the download link in 60 minutes, please contact support.

Payment Methods

Question Two

Card, Paypal and BTC, Perfect Money

Can I Transfer License to Another Computer?

Question 3

You can transfer license to another computer/VPS as many times as you like. 

Just use it on your mt4 license account that comes with your license.

Works on only on MT4?

Question Four

Yes, works only on MT4 platforms. You get 1 License

Is There a Free Trial?

Question 5

Right now I don’t offer a free trial. 

That said, News Deactivator and Activator is backed with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

That way you can try the tool today 100% risk-free. If it’s not for you, just contact me for a full refund.

What AFter-Purchase Support Will I Get?

Question 6

I expect software users to read instruction as most questions are answered in there, but if you’ll face any problem or have a question that’s not answered, feel free to contact me.

Pricing Options



Monthly Plan

Charged monthly

Single License

Best Value


One Time Fee

One Time Payment

Single License

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