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Read Video Transcript Below (5 minute Scalping Automated Robot)

This is a transcript of the video above:

"I've been very very busy because I've been creating a lot of stuffs like expert advisor semi-automated trading system indicator scripts and other things but I'm very happy to tell you I've just created a new robot which I call hedging Martingale EA. 

This is something you've never ever seen before because it comes with a powerful feature which I call the range filter, yes range filter and again you can also use your TP mode or you can use your close profit mode all this is going to be explained to you while watching the rest of the video.  So let's dive into my screen right now so I show you how these stuffs really works . 

We'll be talking about the Hedging Martingale EA, I just want you to know before I bring out anything to the public I've tried it many times I've done my back test, I've done my research before bringing it out to the public so for the hedging Martingale EA, I have back tested it for years on real data yes on real data. 

Now why is Hedging Martingale EA a powerful robot?  it is because it combines two trading principles into a powerful trading technique that produces profit from any direction in the Forex market. Now what are the two trading principles here, the two trading principles are HEDGING and MARTINGALE.  

It uses this hedging and this Martingale, so with this two it becomes more powerful trading system. Let's talk about the features so that you really understand what I'm trying to say. If you want to talk about the features it is necessary to talk about the input settings I've created, for example you'll see it comes with a TP mode or it comes with close all in profits. The difference between the two is this: let's assume you enter for a Buy trade you may decide to say you want to use TP or you may decide to say you want to close a dollar value ,maybe when you set your dollar value to be 40 dollars so it means if you are using TP, close at a particular number of profits is not going to work but if you are not using TP it means you want to use close at a particular number of profits you set, that is the difference. 

Now let's talk about the drawdown settings too, now the drawdown settings makes it possible for you not to crash your accounts, because a lot of traders don't like crashing their accounts many times and the only way not to crash your account is if you have a draw down settings. So let's assume we have a capital of 1,000 USD and you have a drawdown of 10% so it means when your capital or your Equity is reduced by -100 USD then it's going to close all trades. So your new capital or the total number of equity you'll be having is now going to be 900 USD, so this drawdown settings really works too. 

Now let's talk about the most powerful range filter I've created, the reason why I called it the most powerful range filter is because it took me time to create this algorithm to detect range because if you can't detect range and you just activate this EA anytime then you may be crashing your account frequently.

 This is what I'm trying to say let's assume the market is moving zigzag one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and you're entering your buy, your sell, your buy your sell, your buy again your sell again, it's going to affect your capital in many ways because sometimes when you don't have a lot of capital you're going to definitely crash your capital so even if you have a lot of capital you're still going to have a lot of drawdown so that's the reason this range filter is going to allow you detect all this range or consolidation are.

 So once it detects all this consolidation area then you can now enter your Buy outside the range Zone and that is why this range filter is very powerful if you want to use it just set it to true and it's going to start working. Now let's talk about the range size, the range size means this: let's assume you want to trade within a range of 70 Pips, so it means when the market is somewhere here, this will be 70 Pips so if the market is going zigzag zigzag zigzag within the 70 Pips that is what the range filter will be doing and if you set it to like 80 Pips so it's still going to do the same thing. 

The range filter will be monitoring the consolidation within 80 Pips area, now the complete range means that let's assume you set your complete range to like 16 times, it means this EA will be waiting for the price to go zigzag 16 times or 18 times you have sets, so it will be counting it one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen 16 and once it sees this 16th time range then it's going to enter for the first trade here, so it's going to help you disregard all these markets consolidation or range, so you just enter for your Trade and you make money immediately. 

Now let's talk about the settings. These are the settings here, these settings are very simple you can see your lot size, your lot size here, you can set your lot size, so this is your TP I've talked about TP, I've talked about TP you can set your TP then Lots multiplier, this your lots multiplier. Lets assume you have a lot size of 0.1 and you set your Lots multiplier  to 2.

it means 0.1 * 2 will give us 0.2, so the next loss size is going to be 0.2 then 0.2 * 2 your next lot size will be 0.4, so that's the meaning of lots multiplier. 

Now let's talk about this TP mode so if you set TP mode to true it means it's going to use this take profit and if you set this to false it means it's going to use this value here which is the close all trade at profit, then use range filter too is very cool so when you set this to true it's going to use all these parameters here and if you set this to false it means the EA will start trading immediately when you set this to false and your USE DRAWDOWN Settings when you set it to true it's going to use this parameter here and the magic number is the magic number of the EA so I think you really understand how this EA works.  

Let me take you to my screen or before I do that I have to let you know something again the best currency pairs to trade using this EA is many currency pairs. It works on all Forex pairs including gold XAUUSD so you don't need to be thinking like should I activate this on two pairs or 3 pairs, you can activate it on like 7 or 10 pairs together and it's still going to work.

Let me take you to my mt4

So you can really see how it's working so let's go to the settings you can see this the lot size, this is the TP, you can change this to 2 if you want,
Ohh your distance! okay I didn't talk about this distance, so I'll quickly talk about the distance now so the distance means if you enter for your buy here, the distance is where you want to enter for your sell so if you say 35 Pips it means it's going to set your sell pending order at 35 Pips.  So that's the meaning of distance you understand right? Now let's talk about the use of TP mode okay we've talked about the TP mode already so let me set it to true I'm not using this close all trade so let's just click on OK and let's see how it really works

So it has started trading you can see the range I think I set the range to 5 and that's the reason why it's enters the first trade fast. Let's try to skip so it can quickly enter for the trade so if you don't want to trade frequently just make sure that you increase your counter for range, so this range is going to reset when the price exit the range filter you set maybe 70 Pips, once the price is above 70 Pips above the consolidation area that's when it's going to reset this range. I hope you understand?

So the lesser the range you set the more trade you're going to see and the higher the range you set the lesser the trade. Dont forget patience is the key,  you would have disregarded a lot of consolidation or range in the market so it's not going to affect you, so all those range or consolidation that affects the EA to be opening too much lots size it's not going to occur because the range filter will be doing the magic for you so if you have any question regarding this EA let me know, you can go get it on forexdominat.com I'm going to drop the link below. 

So right now you don't need anything. I've explained all what you need in the video right now and you can also contact me on telegram or you can put a comment in the comment area on YouTube and I'm going to reply you or you can contact me directly on my support email on my website and I'm going to definitely reply you till we meet next time again yeah peace

Why Use Hedging Martingale Robot 

Now, the hedging martingale ea is a very good expert advisor because it can definitely make you within 5 percent to 50 percent ROI. The reason why you have to use this hedging martingale ea to trade is because this robot does everything automatically. Starting from entry of trades, managing of the trades and exit of the trades.

It also comes with flexible settings which allows you choose what you like.

You can even change range filter, tp mode or dollar close profit mode and other things. 

Another thing with this  hedging martingale ea is that it tracks consolidation and ranging market based on market price action. With this powerful filter, it makes it less prone to account crashing. So with this  idea coded into the robot it  gives the real entry the robot expects.

Everything with this hedging martingale ea is perfect because it can handle all trades on different pairs simultaneously without any problem.

The ROI either monthly or yearly depends on your settings. 

Input your settings and the hedging martingale ea start doing the job!

Feature 1 - Simple to use

Very simple to use. You can even teach a 5 year old kid to insert the minutes and just press OK

Feature 2 - Works On Any Forex Pair Including Gold

The beauty of this trading power robot is that it works on any forex pair including gold. The robot handles all trade on each pair differenetly wihtout affecting one another. You can even choose different settings on different pair

Feature 3 - Easy to install

It does not come with many files to install. Just one single file. And if you know how to install your EA or Indicator then you don't have any problem.

Feature 4 - 100% Automatic

Which means you don't need to be physically present on your MT4 to make this Tool do its work.

Feature 5 - Very Flexible

It comes with different settings to allow flexibility. For example you can decide to choose between dollar close profit mode or TP mode. You can also choose your drawdown settings.  You can also choose your range size. That is why I love the flexibility.

Feature 6 - Range Filter [The Most Designed Algorithm To Detect Range]

This feature is best thing that makes this ea different from any other hedging martingale ea. Most Hedging martingale EA will crash your account within 24 hours because they dont filter good time and bad time in the forex market. This Robot automatically calculates and check if a range or consolidation is happening in the market before taking any decision. 

Feature 7 - Money Management [Draw-Down Settings]

You can also set drawdown settings to avoid your account getting crashed. This feature allows you manage your profit exponentially!

Feature 8 - Distance

You can set distance that allows the ea to know how many pips of range or consolidation it is must be calculating eveytime . You can check the video above to see it means to use this parameter.

Hedging Martingale Robot (5%-50% ROI)


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