Automatically Enable Or Disable AutoTrading Button Every X Minutes On Your MT4- With Just One Click 

Input your minutes 
Attach to your chart 
The tool does the rest without stopping. Turning on and off every minutes you set.

Read Video Transcript Below

Welcome back again, I'm very happy to tell you I've just created a tool right now, and the tool turn on and turn off your auto trading platform EA. 

So let me take you to my screen right now to show you the practical example of what I'm trying to say. 

So this is how to use the auto disable trading each every maybe one minute or two minutes , it's going to disable your auto trading maybe after a particular minute you've set, then it's going to turn it on back turn it off again after that particular minute then turn it on again after the particular minute, it's going to continue doing that to infinity, like it does not have an end.

So, let's do an example now, let's assume we choose one minute, so what we want to do now is that we want this auto disable to disable this auto trading here every one minute and turn it back on every one minute. 

Let's see if it's going to work before I do that, I want to try to show you the timing here, let me just try to do it this way so you can see the timing.

So ,you can see the timing here it is 15:26:04 seconds, so now I'm trying to do that now, so let me set this to one minute, so everything is set, okay let's try to hold on till 15: 27, so that we can be tracking it every one minute, to see what's going on, though you can still activate it right now, it's still going to work.

So let's try to just use 15:27, so that we can see it clearly so, let's try to be patient, let's try to be patient, so once I press ok, it's going to start working and start tracking the timing on its own, so this is 49 seconds, 50 seconds 51, okay 53, 54, 55, 56, 58 then, okay so now. 

I've pressed okay, so at 15:28 minutes, this auto trading here should be off, let's try to hold on patiently and let's see what's going to happen, so this is 20 seconds, we are waiting for 15: 28, so be patient, be patient. 

This auto disable auto trading system really makes sense, a lot of people really need to see it and that's the reason I created it, so that people can start using it as a particular tool that helps in their forex trading career.

 Okay now this is 27:54 seconds, so keep looking here, auto trading, keep looking at the auto trading, keep looking at the auto trading to be off ,and you see it has gone off, it has gone off right now, so let's try to wait again for another one minutes, it's going to turn it on, so that's how it's going to continue doing it continuously non-stop. 

So it's a very good tool, you can definitely use it maybe you feel like maybe you have a scalping trading system and you don't want this scalping trading system to work maybe every 20-20 minutes, you can just use this to to say okay turn off my trading system after 20 minutes turn it on back and it's going to work, it's going to work.

Llet's see what's going to happen around 15:29, let's wait 15:29 and it's going to turn it on back, so let's try to be patient 15:29, 15: 29, okay this is 15: 28:50 seconds okay we are getting there, so start watching, start looking at this auto trading, it's going to turn it on back now, and boom, on back automatically. 

So these tool you can go get it right now, its really working.

Why Use This Power Tool!

Let say you have a robot and you want it to trade in between an interval of time and you don't have the time or want to stress yourself turning off and on your auto-trading button manually. 

This tool allows you to automatically enable or disable the automated trading button using the exact minutes you set.

This tool is so powerful that it works continousely until you remove the tool from your chart.

Most time traders do not have access to source code of the EA they are using, and they want to control the way the EA opens trade. The Auto Enable Or Disable AutoTrading Button Every X Minutes does the work perfectly.

What led me to develop this tool is because of a trader who contacted me, trying to stop is scalping EA from opening too many trades within 5 minutes non stop. The  Auto Enable Or Disable AutoTrading Button Every X Minutes worked for him. 

The trader set the time in this tool to 1 minutes. Which means the auto-trading will be OFF for 1 minute and back again to ON after 1 minute.

This tool perform this action repeateadly non-stop really solved his problem.

Feature 1 - Simple to use

Very simple to use. You can even teach a 5 year old kid to insert the minutes and just press OK

Feature 2 - Works On Just 1 Pair

You don't need to attach on many pairs. Just attach to one single pair on your mt4 and it does the rest

Feature 3 - Easy to install

It does not come with many files to install. Just one single file. And if you know how to install your EA or Indicator then you don't have any problem. It also comes with a Guide to help you out. Also I will be available to help you with setup.  

Feature 4 - 100% Automatic

Which means you don't need to be physically present on your MT4 to make this Tool do its work.

Auto Enable Or Disable Auto-Trading Button Every X Minutes


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Software will be delivered to your email inbox immediately after successful payment.
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Can I Transfer License to Another Computer?
You can transfer license to another computer/VPS as many times as you like. 
Works on only on MT4?

Yes, works only on MT4 platforms.   
Is There a Free Trial?

Right now I don’t offer a free trial. 
That said, Auto Enable or Disable Auto-Trading Button Every X Minutes Is Backed with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 
That way you can try the tool today 100% risk-free. If it’s not for you, just contact me for a full refund..

What AFter-Purchase Support Will I Get??

I expect software users to read instruction as most questions are answered in there, but if you’ll face any problem or have a question that’s not answered, feel free to contact me..

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