An Indicator For Scalping 5 Minute Chart Developed For The 5 Minute Scalping Strategy

5 Minute Scalping Indicator DEVELOPED BY ALEX

An Indicator Built From The "Powerful 5 Minute Scalping Strategy"

This is an Indicator or Semi Robot For The 5 minute Scalping Strategy (10%-30% ROI)

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Welcome back, today i will show you how to use the indicator or semi robot for the five minutes scalping strategy, so, if you don't understand the five minutes scalping strategy, you can check the video below, i've explained how this strategy really works. 

but, today i want to show you how you can use the five minutes scalping strategy, with an indicator or semi-robot that

i've created, which is going to do the work for you.

So, this indicator or semi-robot i'm about to explain is all about the five minutes scalping strategy i've explained in the past,

so, if you don't understand where i'm coming from, you can go watch the video on five minutes scalping strategy 10 to 30 percent ROI, so, i've done a video on it, so

Today I will show you how to use the indicator or semi robots. The first thing we'll be taking care of is how it works,

so, how does the indicator or semi-robot work? It shows the number of buy pull back and it also shows the number of sell pullback, because the number of buy pullback and the number of sell pullback is necessary because you really need to understand that you have to enter when you see the second pullback, like i've explained in my previous video.

so, on the left side of the screen, the indicator will show you something like this, so, when you see this,

you can see this area here, that is the buy pull back, that's the buy pull back count, and when you see a signal of sell pull back too, you'll see here, you're going to see sell pull back, but I want you to take note of something, you can see this arrow here that means it's telling us there's a buy pullback which is one, so, don't forget, according to the strategy I've explained,

when you see up to two pull back that is when you enter for your first trade.

so, on the semi EA i'll be sending to you or on the indicator you're going to get from me, this is how it's going to work it's

going to show you the buy pull back and it's going to show you the sell pullback count so once you see all those counts, you can start deciding either to enter for your buy trade or your sell trade by yourself,

because this is a semi automated trading system there's something else i have to show you, it shows a alert on your chart, so, this semi robot shows you an alert, so it's going to show an alert on your chart and again it's going to send that same alert to your mobile phone, so interesting, so interesting, so you don't have to be scared and be like, wow i missed the market opportunity, what should I do? no no no 

even if you are not on your computer, if the semi EA or the indicator is running on the VPS, it's going to send

you the same alerts to your mobile phone, so it's going to be like a push notification, so this is how the alerts

and the indicator will look like, so, look at the alerts, this is the alerts, so, you can see, let me draw it very well, this is the alerts here, so you can see this is the AUDUSD, that is the currency pair, it's going to tell you the signal, either buy signal, it's

going to tell you the time, so, once you see a buy signal like I've said, it's not that you're going to take a trade immediately because you have to see up to like two pullbacks, so let's assume you see two buy signals on your push

notification on your mobile phone, then, . you can decide to say okay, let me take this trade or not, but

this is just going to assist you in trading, you know this is a semi-automated trading system, this is not a robot, now this is how the notification is going to look like on your mobile phone, look at this example here, this is my name, that is the name of my metaquotes then this is the notification you can see AUD USD, that is the currency and it's going to show you the buy signal, 

but don't worry about this, it's going to show you either it is AUDUSD, or it's going to show you if it is USD JPY,

so, i'm just showing you this, don't bother about this AUD, it's going to tell you the main currency pair, either AUD JPY or AUD USD or AUD NZD, its going to show you the exact currency pair and it's going to also show you if it is buy signal or sell signal, so once you see buy signal,

it's not that you're going to decide immediately, check your charts, see if it is the second pullback or the third pullback then you enter for your trade and it's going to tell you the time ,it's going to show you the time , so this indicator or semi-automated trading system is very very cool, even if you're not on your pc, let's assume you've gone to your work and you want to really see what is happening on your chart on real time, so this semi automated trading system is going to send all the information you need to your mobile phone,

Now there's something else i have to tell you, you can change your settings of moving averages, if you have watched the

video i've done on this moving average on five minutes scalping strategy, you know i told you it works on 50,

designed this indicator for you or this semi-automated trading system for you, so that you can also change your exponential moving average, either simple exponential moving average, you can also change the period you know

it's flexible, you can do anything you want to do with it, so you can change any settings you feel like changing with it, because I like when things are flexible, so, i'm very happy to tell you i've already done that with the EA, then there's something else i've also done with this semi EA, it works on any time frame, if you have watched the video previously i talked about five minutes scalping strategy, yes it works on five minutes time frame, but I designed this semi-automated trade system or indicator to work on any time frame, on any time frame of your choice, so just attach to your charts and it's going to start working immediately, so let me take you to my chart now, to my MT4,

so let's choose the expert, this is the Semi EA, so you can see i'm clicking on yes, so you can see the 50 exponential, you can change the period, you can change if it is exponential simple smoothed if you want, so you can see the first MA, the second MA and the third MA, so this is all what you need for this semi EA, let me try to run some back tests so that you also understand how it works, so this is a semi EA, let me try to run some back test now,

so 50, 100, 150 ,so all is set, so, let's run some back test, let me press the play button, let me load my templates, so i've already saved this template five minutes scalping strategy, so it's going to show us all the moving average on the screen, let me try to expand this now, so let me click on play, then you start seeing the magic, so look at the arrow here, look at it,

this is a buy signal you can see the buy pull back count here is two, so let me do it again let's continue so once there's a pullback, look at these two pull backs again, it's telling us the pullback here again is two ,so i want you to

so let's continue, see, look at this, it drew, an arrow here so let's start seeing the arrows it's going to continue

drawing arrow on the screen for you ,so it's going to send the signal to your mobile phone, and it's going to draw the alerts on your chart, see look this area the market is telling us sell sell sell sell see sell, this is another sell area, it's telling us just sell just sell just sell just sell and the markets came down, so like this is an arrow again, so like this if you have watched the five minutes scalping strategy, you'll understand how these robot works, so this robot is really killing it, if you want the semi-automated trading system or the indicator, just check the description below, so you can go get it and if you also want the automated trading system, fully automated you don't need any alert on your mobile phone, the EA

enters buy, it enters sell, it closes in profits it does the trailing stop, it does the breakeven, it comes with the grid, it

comes with a lot of features, so if you really really want the automated trading system, you can also get it, but if you feel like you want to use the semi automated trading system or the indicator you can also get it, and if you have any other feature you want me to add to this indicator or this semi-robot, just let me know, you can put it in the comment section, you can

contact me directly, so I'll definitely see what I can do to add the feature to this semi-automated trading system or this indicator, so ,until we meet again next time when we will be talking about strategies. peace


Strategy meets automation with Alex.

Whether you are scalping on the 1- minute time frame, 5-minutes, or 15- minute timeframe, there usually is one major denominator for successful execution.

And that is the undivided focus.

This 5-minute scalping strategy can’t be ‘’half-assed’’ it requires undivided attention for all the obvious reasons.

For these reasons, I have programmed a forex expert advisor in the forms of a custom scalping indicator and a fully automated forex robot based on this successful 5-minute chart scalping strategy

Features That Ensures Success

Built with MQL4


Shows Number Of Buy pullback


Shows Number of Sell pullback 


Shows Alert ⚠️ on Your chart


Shows Alert ⚠️ on Your chart


 Auto Reset Count Function For Buy When Markets is In sell Direction and Vice Versa For Sell.


You Can Change Your Settings of Moving Average


It Works On Any Time Frame.




Forex Trader and Expert Builder

Started trading forex 2007 and I have not looked back ever since. Bachelor Degree in Computer Science. Right now, I am always working on strategy automation, testing and managing funds.

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