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This is a transcript of the video above:

"Welcome back again, today is going to be a very beautiful day, do you know why?

I’ve just created a 5 minute Scalping Automated Robot for the five minutes scalping strategy, yes, it is fully automated, you don't need to start staring at your charts, you don't need to start waiting for alert on your mobile phone, the EA does everything, it has a lot of features, like grid, MA stop loss, training stop, break even, and all other features, and it's really really killing it.

Let me take you to my screen right now so i show you how the 5 minute Scalping Automated Robot is really trading behind the scene, so that it can really boost your confidence and you start using the five minutes scalping robot to make consistent profits in the forex market. Let's dive in now.

This is my screen, we will be doing a backtest, so you understand how the five minutes scalping strategy robot works, now let me show you my expert properties.

Now you can see the moving average, the exponential, you can change all the settings if you want.

So, I’m using this because that is the way I’ve explained in the previous video on how the five minutes scalping strategy works, and don't forget, you can also use this on multiple time frames, I mean you can use it on any time frame, either five minutes, fifty minutes, one hour, four hour, but I’ll be doing a back test on five minutes today, now look at this lot size area, you can also change your lot size, look at this area, you can change your lot size with any lot size you feel like using it with, and again, look at this entry area, in this entry area, you have to pay close attention, once you choose one, it means you are using these normal settings here, it means you are using this take profit and this stop loss, so anytime you choose this normal, it means you're using this take profits and stop loss, and any

time you choose this MASL, which means moving average stoploss, it means you are using all this parameter here, which is for MA entry settings only, you can see for MA entry settings only, let me show you clearly, see for MA settings only, so it means if your stop is like 20 pips, since it is going to be set by the moving average, so it depends on the position of your moving average, if the position of your moving average says 20 pips stop loss, and your TP ratio is like four, definitely you can change this.

So, you can say I want to change it to like 3, so it means if your stop loss is 20 your take profit will be like 60, that is one to ratio three, so that is the meaning, now, if you choose this grid, that is three, it means you are using all these parameters here, I hope you understand, so it means your grid space you can choose it to be maybe minus 50, it means anytime the market go against you with 50 pips, its going to enter another new order, so that is how its going to be entering new orders repeatedly and your take profit for the grid is going to be adjusting it, because I made this feature very powerful.

 It uses an average take profit for any number of trade being opened on your charts, I will show you, then this lot exponential, you can also change it, if you use two, it means your next lot size will be multiplied by two, but I don't like using two because that is a very very aggressive martingale, I don't like using martingale, but if I use 1.3 that is still very conservative and it's very very okay, now there's something again I have to show you, this break even area, once you set your breakeven area to true, it's going to use this value here, so you can change the value to four, it means once the market moves in your favour for like four pips ,then it's going to set your stop loss to your entry price, so i like using this true, I like using true, then if you want to use your training stop, you can also use that, if you set it to false, it's not going to work, but once you set it to true, it's going to use the trailing stop parameters here.

And this magic number, you can just leave it the way you see it, and don't forget this area, this use breakeven and this trailing stop, they all work for either normal, for either MASL or for grid, so it works for the three of them together, now let's assume we want to trade using normal alone, we want to trade using this normal, then we change this entry to one, so, it is already one, so if you like you can change it to two, you can change it to two or three, so if you are changing it to two, it means you are using this two MASL, it means you want your moving average to be your stop loss, and your take profits to be this ratio.

Like I’ve explained and if you are changing this to three, if you are changing your choose entry type to three, it means it's going to use grid, you want to use grid, you're not using these and you're not using this, and you're not using this, you are only using this settings here, so, you're using these settings here, once you choose three to grid, and don't forget anytime you choose this one normal, let's assume you choose this entry to be one, it means it's going to be using these settings, and these settings, let's assume you you change this to two, it means it's using this, I’m just trying to explain

again, so you understand, using this then it's using this here, and it's using this here, so I hope you understand how it works, now let's quickly do some back test now.

Let's choose one for our normal, we want our take profits to be 100 our stop loss to be 30, I think that's cool, let's use trailing stop to start trailing when it sees 20 pips, and it should be trailing with one one step, our break even, we want to set it to five, so let's just try it out, and let me click okay, then let's click on start, so, let me put the template there, so we can see what is going on,

so let me click on play, so you can see it's enters for our buy trade there, see this arrow, it enters for our buy trade here, so let's continue see it entered for another by trade here and you can see the graph here, it's using the break even and it's also using the trailing stop, so, let's continue.

 It entered for a buy trade here, so, this robot works when it sees pullback count of two and you can see once the pullback is two, that is when it entered for our buy trade, and don't forget its using take profit and stop loss like we've set, see, our stop loss is 30 and our take profit is 100.

I can see it there, so let's continue, it closes the stop loss, so that’s another sell trade, so let's continue watching, you can see the sell trade coming in, see the trailing stop working, this is sell trade see the trailing stop , look at how the trailing stop is really moving, so let's continue doing our back testing, so this does everything automatically for you, you don't need to do anything, look at the trailing stop, look at how the trailing stop is moving with the market, so, it's because we set our trailing stop, you can also change your settings if you feel like, you can back test, you can just play with it until you feel comfortable with the particular settings, so you see that it's working perfectly, okay okay that's good.

I want to change the settings to two, I want to use the MA stop loss, so that we can use this area here, our TP to be this ratio, so let's try to see again, let's see what's going to happen, i don't want to use break even, and I don't want to use trailing stop ,because I want you to see the take profits to be this ratio, and i want you to see the stop loss here.

 So, let's try to do our back test now, let me click okay, let's click on start, let me load the templates, so we can see what is happening, so let's click on play, so you can see our first buy trade, I want to show you something here, look at this area here, you can see the stop loss is on this moving average, now let's do some calculation, our TP is three ratio right, now let's calculate this is four pips ,so three times four will be 12.

Let's see, you can see this is 12 pips ,and that is where it close the trade ,now let's continue, look at this area, the stop loss is on this moving average again, let's do the calculation, from here to here is 13 pips, then our tp ratio is three right, three times thirteen, that would be 39 pips, let's try to do our calculation and see if it is 39 pips, let's see, you can see it's 39 pips, so that is how it also works, now, let's stop this back test and let's do the grid, I love the grid, the reason I love the grid is that no matter what the market does I’m going to make money.

 I really love the grid because you can never never be 100% every time with this strategy, and any other strategy in the forex market, so that's the reason I implemented the grid, if the market is going against you, the grid is activated and is going to use a trailing kind of a TP, which I called average take profits, so for any number of orders on your charts, so let me show you, let me change this to three, we want to use grid and we want to enter anytime we see minus 20, see, you can see I’m changing this to minus 20 my grid take profit is 10, because don't forget, once you are using grid, all this here are useless, but we can still use this, you understand, but all these are useless, but we are only using this and the other one, you understand, so 10  exponential 1.3, we can also use our break even, let's use it, let's use our trailing, you'll see the magic right now, let me click ok, and let's click on start, don't forget i want to show you something, don't forget this is minus 20, you have to put minus 20, it means if the market moves against you in 20 pips, then start using my grid strategy to enter the market, let's confirm, let me put in a template and let's click play.

Let's see what is happening, okay it closes in break even let's see let's see let's see, now look at what is happening here, now the first trade is here, and let's see if it is minus 20 pips, see minus 20 pips and it entered for another buy trade and it readjusted the take profits, so, even if this closes in take profit, this is also going to close in take profit, so everything is going to close all this trade these two trades are going to close on this take profits, they are going to close on that take profit.

So if I press play now, see, it opened the third trade again ,see it as readjusted the take profit from this this particular area, so it means these three trades, one, two, and three, are going to close with this take profit and it's going to be in profits, it's not going to be in any loss, that's the reason I really love this grid strategy, with the average take profit for all number of trades on your charts, now, let me close this and let's see what's going to happen, so, it's going to continue entering market every minus 20 pips the market moves against you.

That's the reason I don't like using a very a big exponential loss size, because look at this lotsize, buy 0.01, buy 0.01, buy 0.02, 0.02, 0.03, so that is how the loss size will be increasing exponentially, that is why I don't like using aggressive lot exponential, because it increases the lot size exponentially, and it's very wide, but I like using it little by little, like 1.2, 1.3, I think it is still conservative, and it's very very okay.

So let me click on play, then let's continue seeing the magic, and don't forget, you can use this on a very high time frame, because if you use it on one hour time frame, four hour time frame, the results are very very good, so, you can see 0.04, 0.05, you'll see it's going to close everything in profit, so you can see, let's try to check the chart now, so you see, everything is closed in profits regardless, so let me just try to skip and let's be fast with it, let's check our charts it's going to continue printing money, that is why I really love this grid.

This grid really works fine for me, because I don't care where the market is moving to, once I know I’m in a particular trend and if the market goes against me, then the grid is activated, and I continue making profits, so let me just leave it here for now, so if you really need this indicator or this 5 minute Scalping Automated Robot, just check the link below and go get it, it's really working and don't forget you can change your time frame, I don't like using lower time frame, but for this strategy, you know it is called five minutes scalping strategy and I developed this robot, so that it can work on this five minute strategy, but don't forget you can also change your time frame to one hour, four hour, it really works also, but anyhow, just do your back test and make sure you know what works for you, but I really love this grid strategy, I really love it because I can use my trailing stop.

I can use my break even, I can use my trailing stop, and I can use my grid area here, so all these three combined together it's printing money consistently, so if you have any other question or you feel like adding another feature to this EA to make it more powerful, just let me know, you can put it down in the comment section or you can contact me directly and I’m going to add it to this automated trading system, until we meet next time,i hope you continue making money in the forex market, peace".

VIDEO - Learn the strategy from
which this robot is built in the Video below.

Why Use This 5 minute Scalping Automated Robot 

You can also read a seperate article which I used to explain this powerful 5 minutes strategy(comes with a PDF).

Now, the 5 minute Scalping Automated Robot is a very good expert advisor because it can definitely make you within 10 percent to 30 percent ROI. The reason why you have to use this 5 minute Scalping Automated Robot to trade the five minutes scalping strategy is because this robot does everything automatically. Starting from entry of trades, managing of the trades and exit of the trades.

It also comes with flexible settings which allows you choose what you like.

You can even change the moving average settings. Though the default settings for the 5 minute scalping strategy is 50 exponential moving average . But since this is a robot and I want you to use what you really like. So I decided to allow you change the settings of the moving average to any value of your choice.

Another thing with this  5 minute Scalping Automated Robot is that it tracks pullback based on candle close not line chart. Because candle close will avoid repetition of the same signal and avoids many unwanted trades. So with this candle close idea coded into the robot it  gives the real entry the robot expects.

Everything with this 5 minute Scalping Automated Robot is perfect because it can handle all trades on different pairs simultaneously without any problem.

The ROI either monthly or yearly depends on your settings. 

Input your settings and the 5 minute Scalping Automated Robot start doing the job!

Feature 1 - Simple to use

Very simple to use. You can even teach a 5 year old kid to insert the minutes and just press OK

Feature 2 - Works On Any Forex Pair Including Gold

The beauty of this trading power robot is that it works on any forex pair including gold. The robot handles all trade on each pair differenetly wihtout affecting one another. You can even choose different settings on different pair

Feature 3 - Easy to install

It does not come with many files to install. Just one single file. And if you know how to install your EA or Indicator then you don't have any problem.

5 minute Scalping Automated Robot

Feature 4 - 100% Automatic

Which means you don't need to be physically present on your MT4 to make this Tool do its work.

Feature 6 - Very Flexible

It comes with different settings to allow flexibility. For example you can decide to change the moving average settings to suit your style. You can also choose your entry type, either grid, normal or moving average style. All of these entry type are well explained in the youtube video  guide . You can also choose your stop loss or take profit too. That is why I love the flexibility.

Feature 7 - Average Profit Function 

This feature is for grid entry type. If more than one trade start running on a pair. The Robot automatically calculates same take profit for all trade on that pair. It uses an algorithm to check the grid size and the recent lot size with the accumulation of total lot size to select the best take profit. 

5 minute Scalping Automated Robot

Feature 7 - Money Management [Trailing Stop And Breakeven]

You can also set your breakeven and trailing stop. This feature allows you manage your profit exponentially!

5 minute Scalping Automated Robot

Feature 8 - Take Profit Ratio

You can set your take profit ratio depending on your stop loss level. For example if your stop loss is 20 pips and you set your take profit  ratio to 3. It means your take profit will be 3 multiply by stop loss which is 60 pips take profit.

5 minute Scalping Automated Robot For The 5 minute Scalping Strategy (10%-30% ROI)


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